Changing your Organisations’ Energy Culture

Changing your Organisations’ Energy Culture.


The Energy Managers Association (EMA) believes that there needs to be increased understanding of energy wastage across the UK, and everyone should be aware of the amount of energy they use unnecessarily. Figures indicate that over £860 million* or 40% of all energy usage can be saved by taking a simple measure of altering people’s behaviour on how they use energy.

It is easy to take utilities such as electricity, gas or water for granted, after all the UK prices are some of the lowest in Europe. However, there is an impending need for energy management strategies because organisations are beginning to realise the impact of energy costs. Starting from the basic principles, we recommend educating all staff, from cleaning and security teams through to top management, to increase their energy awareness and understanding within your organisation. Awareness and reduction of energy costs will make your company more competitive through lower operating costs.

The EMA Energy Awareness course has been developed as a simple and affordable (£24 per learner) e-learning training to assist you in enhancing all workers knowledge in a manageable and timely manner. The course is divided into 4 short sections (view the course teaser) and an end assessment, and can take less than 30 minutes to complete. All successful learners will receive an EMA certificate, and organisations training a substantial number of their staff will be eligible for LEC Bronze, Silver or Gold award.

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*npower Business Solutions (nBS) and the Centre for Economics & Business Research  – Carbon Psychology report