Brexit, what next?

Brexit what next? This is not about whether we should leave or remain but about the options left. So what will be the result of the vote? Here are my views based on 28 years in Parliament. The vote of no confidence has now been called but the Government will almost certainly win this vote. […]

Upskill in Energy Management

EMA Courses 2017 – 2018 Energy Management in Practice (LEC 3) The EMA has produced a training programme for individuals interested to gain knowledge needed to operate effectively as an energy manager in a workplace. The programme is intended for candidates who are: – Up-skilling their existing energy management knowledge and skills – Re-skilling from other professions […]

Five things to look out for in 2017

Five things to look out for in 2017 Oil and Gas Production The recent agreement by OPEC including Russia and Venezuela to cut production is already having an upward pressure on the price of oil, and as it is coupled, on price of gas, too. Last year crude oil (Brent) stood at $46 a barrel […]

Changing your Organisations’ Energy Culture

Changing your Organisations’ Energy Culture. The Energy Managers Association (EMA) believes that there needs to be increased understanding of energy wastage across the UK, and everyone should be aware of the amount of energy they use unnecessarily. Figures indicate that over £860 million* or 40% of all energy usage can be saved by taking a […]

Brexit (if it even happens) – an energy survival guide.

Brexit (if it even happens) – an energy survival guide. What should energy managers or in fact anybody do after the referendum result? The immediate answer is nothing, as nothing has really changed at the moment apart from the meltdown of sterling and investment. Until Article 50 is invoked we are still a member of […]