Become an EMA Registered ESOS Lead Assessor

ESOS Phase 2 - ESOS Lead Assessor

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The four-step process through which a candidate is placed on the register is outlined below.

  1. Application — The application form can be downloaded here.
    NB. As part of the application each candidate must submit a CV, copies of academic, vocational or professional qualification certificates and evidence of competence in the mandatory areas outlined in PAS 51215:2014 and as outlined in the Competence and Commitment section of the application form. In addition to the application form, CV and certificates, the initial pack should also include a signed copy of the EMA Code of Conduct (this can be done within the application form).
  2. Become an ESOS Lead Assessor Course — This one day tutor-led virtual course (Zoom delivery) has been designed to ensure successful candidates are conversant in all aspects of ESOS. For the next course date, please email [email protected]
    NB. A place on the course is guaranteed only upon the EMA's review of the application pack, deemed all evidence satisfactory, reference checked and payment received.
  3. Written Assessment — Each candidate will be asked to complete a post-course written assessment to progress to the Peer Review Interview stage.
  4. Peer Review Interview — The candidate will then undergo a peer-review interview (conducted via Zoom) by two members of the EMA ESOS Scrutiny Panel to check the candidate's knowledge of the ESOS compliance requirements, knowledge gained through the process, professional energy management experience and technical skills gained throughout candidate's career, and also to check the validity of the evidence provided at the previous stages.


For the next available course date and if you want to become an ESOS Lead Assessor, or if you are interested in appointing an ESOS Lead Assessor, please contact Jana at [email protected] or call 0203 916 5516.

The course is delivered as an online tutor-led session. If you are interested in a course being delivered in a classroom environment, please complete our interest form here.



The cost of the process including all learning materials, tuition, 3-year registration and administration is £1,500 + VAT.

The successful candidate will be placed on the EMA ESOS Lead Assessor Register for 3 years, subject to annual CPD and any relevant upskilling. If there is a change in ESOS Regulations further evidence of competence and additional training will be necessary.

Become an EMA Registered ESOS Lead Assessor

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