Energy Awareness – LEC 2 Training

The Low Energy Company (LEC) 2 training course, leads on from LEC  1 training, and allows employees to control their direct energy consumption through the equipment and processes that they are directly responsible for.

Upon completion of the LEC 2 course candidate will:

  • Gain a greater understanding of energy consumption in the workplace
  • Be encouraged to undertake careful monitoring of their own energy consumption
  • Understand how to apply simple behavioural changes to reduce their energy consumption

The Low Energy Company (LEC) training will help organisations to strengthen their commitment to strategically decrease energy consumption and ultimately energy cost. Training employees will contribute to increasing their productivity and have a positive impact on organisation’s profitability.

By completing the course employees will gain a useful and transferable skills that can be applied in workplace as well as in domestic environment.


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Gaia Active

For more information about the Gaia Active LEC 1 course, contact Chris Allen on 01572 729512 or [email protected].

Gaia Active


For more information about the e-Careers LEC 1 course, contact Paul Joyce on 0203 198 7555 or [email protected].


Real Energy Management Ltd

For more information about the Real Energy Management Ltd LEC 2 course, contact Dave Horton on 07989 492941 or email at  [email protected].

npower Business Solutions

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