Lighting – Basic Understanding – ONLINE

£325.00 £290.00 plus VAT

5th March 2021, 9.30am - 4.00pm



The EMA Lighting course will give participants an understanding of the lighting systems commonly found in the UK, their general uses and guide them in how to be generally more efficient. The course is also aimed at helping people to engage at a higher level with lighting suppliers who may be presenting them with information. This can quite often be complicated and misleading and hopefully this course will help participants at least understand what may be put in front of them.

Learning Outcomes:

Basic measurements for lighting output and efficacy to help participants gain knowledge to be able to engage with lighting companies:

  • Identification and basic understanding of the
    common types of lighting currently found in the UK, their general uses and basic, pros and cons
  • Understanding process for new lighting installations and upgrades with pictorial examples
  • Basics of lighting design using free software to help participant be able to understand what information lighting companies may present them with
  • Basic lighting control systems that can increase energy efficiency while maintaining required light levels and safe environments

Format: One day live virtual expert-taught course, post-course written assessment

Course fee: £325+VAT £290+VAT