Fleet Management Guide

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This guide is aimed at helping companies to take control of their transport and fuel use. It is targeted at public and private sector managers that want to see a difference in the way they travel, not only for financial benefits but also for efficiencies, reduced congestion, air quality pollution and effects on climate and health.

The guide focuses on conducting transport audits for cars and light commercial vehicles in order to assist businesses, fleet managers and ESOS Lead Assessors in undertaking assessments and identifying opportunities.

The Guide includes sections on:

  • Transport context (drivers behind organisational energy and fleet management);
  • Fleet management – usage, grey fleet management, alternatives to grey fleet);
  • Alternatives to grey fleet;
  • Effective fleet management;
  • Transport energy auditing – assessing a fleet (mileage claims, fuel receipts, fuel card invoices, fuel types, telematics), establishing a baseline, simple payback, return on investment, internal rate of return, life cycle cost analysis;
  • Driver behaviour and benchmarking – stakeholders, business case (benefits matrix), value at stake;
  • Opportunities in tackling car and commercial fleets – travel policy, benchmarking, monitoring methods;
  • Solutions for car and commercial fleets – fuel, electric vehicles and charging infrastructure, hydrogen, car share, rationalised mileage rates, control of managed fleets;
  • Case studies.

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