Waste Management Guide

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Global waste generation has increased in line with population growth directly impacting the environment we live in and our health and well-being. In response, governments are introducing strategies for sustainable waste practices to replace current disposal methods as waste management advances from being a local concern to a global challenge. Waste is everywhere but by modifying the way we think about the types of products and materials we buy, how they are used, and the way in which they are disposed of, the amount of waste produced can be dramatically reduced. Business waste (trade, commercial or industrial waste) is any material disposed of by any organisation, whether for profit or not and whether public or private. This document refers only to business waste.

The Guide includes sections on:

• defining waste;
• principles of waste management;
• waste management hierarchy;
• waste types;
• waste management rules;
• permitting;
• auditing;
• environmental liability;
• procurement;
• health and safety considerations;
• waste management strategy and planning.

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