Practical Courses for Energy Management Professionals

EMA Practical Courses for Energy Management Professionals

Energy Procurement, 8 March 2018, London
Learn about the basic procurement processes for electricity and gas in the UK, how the electricity and gas industries are structured and how this impacts on the prices that customers pay. The course will explain the main drivers on energy pricing in the UK and how electricity and gas tariffs are structured. It will also explain the types of energy contracts that are available and the simple procurement processes that can be used by energy buyers…  READ MORE AND APPLY

Water Management, 20 March 2018, London
Learn about how the water industry is structured, how it works, how it prices its products and what businesses may be able to do to reduce cost. This course will also inform participants about the opening of the competitive retail market in England, describes how water is metered and monitored and how to analyse consumption. It will give advice on carrying out a basic water audit, identifying likely areas of consumption and techniques for … READ MORE AND APPLY

Turning Data into Energy Savings, 21 March 2018, London
Learn how to maximise the savings that can be achieved from the effective use of energy data. Using real examples this course will help participants to establish their data requirements and the different ways to deliver real measurable savings. This course will cover sources of data, data use, data sources, scoping requirements, data presentations, types of data analysis and performance indicators, ways to identify and deliver opportunities… READ MORE AND APPLY

On-site Electricity Generation, 12 April 2018, London
Learn about the main types of on-site generation and provide information on how to effectively deploy it and gain commercial benefit. This course will describe how the most common forms of on-site generation such as solar, wind and CHP can be specified, installed and operated, how to effectively size the generation, how they would connect within an existing site and the financial incentives and mechanism …READ MORE AND APPLY

Battery Storage for Business, 19 April 2018, London
Gain a basic understanding of battery storage systems, the various battery technologies, their general use, how they can be deployed within buildings, charging and discharging methodologies as well as looking at their limitations. The course will also look at the financial incentives and electricity charge savings available, the energy contract type required to achieve savings and guide on how to evaluate the benefits of battery systems in businesses … READ MORE AND APPLY


All courses can be delivered in-house in a standard format, or as tailored sessions (minimum 6 candidates). For more information email the EMA:  [email protected]. The EMA can also develop new, bespoke material to fit specific client needs.