ESOS Guidance for Lead Assessors Regarding Covid-19 Site Visit Restrictions

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Ea Logo 700x285ESOS Guidance for Lead Assessors Regarding Covid-19 Site Visit Restrictions

The Environment Agency have received several queries from Lead Assessors regarding the completion of site energy audits due to movement restrictions during the corona virus pandemic. The Environment Agency for England, NRW for Wales and NIEA for Northern Ireland have agreed the following guidance.

Where site visits are not currently possible you can continue to complete the ESOS assessment without a site visit where sufficient energy use data and other information for the selected site(s) is available. In these instances please keep the information and decision documents in your evidence pack. A recommendation could be that further investigation is necessary for a given site to identify energy savings and these will need to be re-scheduled for completion at an appropriate date.

For organisations who are still required to complete their Phase 2 ESOS commitments they should carry on with this as best they can. If they are unable to complete their ESOS commitments due to Covid 19 restrictions then please let the appropriate regulator know as soon as possible.

Any organisation that has received an ESOS Enforcement Notice will still be expected to comply with the Enforcement Notice or inform the appropriate Regulator why they will be unable to comply. Contact details are provided below.

UK Regulators Contacts

England: Environment Agency. Contact [email protected]

Scotland: SEPA are currently reviewing this guidance.

Northern Ireland: NIEA mailto:[email protected]

Wales: NRW [email protected]