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Do you ever wonder how comprehensive your energy management knowledge and skills are? Review our Energy Management Competencies and find out.

01 Technical and operational competencies

• Do you know where energy is generally consumed in different types of buildings within your remit?
• Do you know what type of major energy using equipment and systems are used in your business?
• Do you understand how energy consumption plays a role in the design, installation and commissioning of equipment, systems and buildings?
• Do you understand how good control systems and effective maintenance can be used to make equipment and systems efficient?

02 Energy assessments (finding energy savings opportunities), measurements and verification

• Do you understand basic metering types and the data they collect?
• Do you know how to carry out basic checks on bills and other recorded data to verify accuracy and repeatability?
• Do you know how to set targets in line with published guidelines?
• Are you able to explain reports against targets to a range of stakeholders?
• Are you able to compare energy assessment methods?

03 Behavioural change and motivation

• Are you able to identify changes required to improve energy performance?
• Are you able to develop structures and strategies for change to Energy Management Competencies – How much of an energy manager are you? improve energy performance?
• Are you able to monitor and report on progress towards defined goals?

04 Regulatory & legal compliance and carbon management

• Do you understand key EU directives and UK legislation relevant to energy and climate change?
• Do you understand economic incentives that may encourage energy generation or efficiency?
• Are you able to anticipate broad changes that might affect long term organisational plans?
• Do you know how to assess simple carbon footprints?
• Are you able to factor the cost of carbon into business cases?

05 Energy management strategy/plan

• Do you understand global energy trends and their impact on business operations?
• Are you able to determine suitable objectives and targets for improvement?
• Do you know how to develop a basic action plan around energy, carbon and water?
• Do you understand how success can be measured and verified?

06 Waste management

• Do you understand the key challenges in dealing with waste streams?
• Do you understand financial advantages and opportunities of an organisation’s waste stream?
• Do you understand the possible use of waste as a renewable resource via recycling?
• Do you know how to undertake a basic waste audit?

07 Procurement

• Do you understand what may drive energy prices in the UK?
• Are you able to carry out simple procurement actions?
• Do you have a basic understanding of electricity tariffs to allow best use of time of day charges?

08 Transport

• Do you understand the overall use of transport within an organisation?
• Do you understand what impact transport has on the organisation and potential ways to reduce its impact?

09 Water management

• Do you know how to undertake a basic water audit of a workplace, identify water using fixtures and fittings and suggest water efficient replacements?
• Are you able to identify water efficiency within processes?
• Do you understand the links between water and energy in a workplace?
• Are you able to develop behaviour change programmes and communications for water efficiency?

10 Information technology

• Do you understand where energy and water are used by ICT in a workplace?
• Are you able to estimate the carbon footprint of an organisation’s ICT infrastructure including offsite services?

What next?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to most of the questions, then you may be eligible for the EMA Recognised Energy Manager status. Get in touch with the EMA at [email protected] to arrange the EMA Knowledge and Skills Gap Analysis Interview and take a step forward in your professional development.