Energy Efficiency Trends report – Behaviour change consitently delivers ‘metered’ energy savings

Behaviour change frequently delivers ‘metered’ energy savings

In the latest issue of the UK Energy Efficiency Trends report (Volume 13, published 21 January 2016), energy analysts EEVS and Bloomberg New Energy Finance has partnered with independent behaviour change and environmental charity Global Action Plan to develop a dataset covering behaviour change opportunities, costs, savings performance, influencing factors and wider impacts.

A surge in the number of energy efficiency projects commissioned has been reported in this report. Over 80% of those responding to the survey confirmed they had authorised new programmes in Q3 of 2015. This is the highest proportion of new projects recorded in a single quarter since the survey began in 2012. It also shows a significant uptick in commissioning, exceeding the long term trend of c70%.

Another key finding from the report is that behaviour change consistently delivers tangible savings.

The report found that achieved savings are often up to 5% of energy consumption, with some projects delivering savings in the range of 10% to 20%. In the majority of cases, the savings of completed projects were at the level anticipated at the project outset. Read More