EMA Fellowship is the highest level of the EMA membership structure and as such it is foreseen for those whom are awarded this status to champion and drive forward the energy management agenda, sector and profession.

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EMA Fellows are EMA Members who have made a significant contribution to the industry and typically lead energy management teams and the development of energy and/or energy consumption strategy to drive energy efficient and progressive business performance.

The EMA Fellowship is subject to approval by the EMA Board of Directors and applicants who wish to have their applications presented to the Board of Directors must fulfil the below criteria and submit detailed, objective and relevant evidence in the application form. Detailed guidance for each criteria is available.

Criteria 1: Minimum 8 years of work experience in the energy management industry

Criteria 2: Demonstrate significant leadership or senior influence, through budget responsibility or line management

Criteria 3: Significant outcomes/contributions to the applicant's organisation and/or energy management industry

Criteria 4: Summary Report from an EMA Professional Interview

Criteria 5: Minimum 2 years of Full EMA Membership (EMA Member level)

Criteria 6: References from two energy management professionals

Once all evidence is received, applicants will be informed of the date their application will be considered by the EMA Board of Directors. Following the set date, a decision will be shared with the applicant in writing.

Should you have any questions regarding the EMA Fellowship process, please send an enquiry to [email protected].

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