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A range of energy management competencies is required for professionals to effectively manage organisational energy consumption, monitoring and reporting it, as well as implementing energy efficiency measures to reduce energy cost. Many energy management practitioners have the skills to understand their organisation’s energy use, consumption patterns, trend data and operational requirements but very few are qualified or professionally recognised as Energy Managers.

The EMA Knowledge and Skills’ Gap Analysis Interview introduces an opportunity to assess individuals’ knowledge and skillset through an informal conversation based on their experience achieved to date.

The purpose of the Gap Analysis Interview is twofold:

  1. The Interview serves as a consultative exercise for professionals with some energy management knowledge and experience (normally 6 months – 2 years) who wish to self-assess against the energy management core competencies, and to establish what energy management areas / training courses to focus on in order to upskill and achieve the balanced knowledge.
  2. The Interview serves as a confirmatory exercise for professionals with balanced energy management knowledge and experience (2+ years). Professionals who confidently demonstrate and discuss their energy management experience and knowledge during the Interview, and where no gaps in their knowledge are identified, will be awarded the EMA Recognised Energy Manager status. They will also receive a verbal and written feedback on how to continue developing their professional career further.

If the professional status is not awarded post interview due to some knowledge and skills gaps, an advice and guidance will be given on which areas of energy management to focus on in order to up-skill.

Location: Telephone, Zoom or Skype

Fee: £300+VAT