EMA Courses – 2017: Energy Management in Practice Training Programme

EMA Courses in 2017

Energy Management in Practice

Training Programme

The EMA has produced a training programme for individuals interested to gain knowledge needed to operate effectively as an energy manager in a workplace. The programme is intended for candidates who are:

  • Up-skilling their existing energy management knowledge and skills
  • Re-skilling from other professions such as sustainability, environment, facilities and engineering
  • Interested to become energy managers
  • Newly appointed energy managers.

Next year will feature a range of already established as well as new EMA courses.

Fundamentals of Energy Management: 9-10 March, 8-9 June, 19-20 October

Lighting – Basic Understanding: 14 March, 8 June, 24 October

Energy Assessments, Measurements and Verification: 13 March, 7 June, 18 October

Energy Management Strategy: 27 January, 7 March, 6 June, 17 October

Understanding and Delivering Behavioural Change Programme: 8 February, 3 May, 20 September, 29 November

Energy Procurement: 31 January, 9 May, 27 September

Water Management: 1 February, 10 May, 28 September

Data Course for Energy Managers: 15 February, 11 May, 26 September, 6 December

Become an ESOS Lead Assessor: 30 March, 29 June, 26 October.

Many other courses are under development so keep an eye on http://www.theema.org.uk/ or email [email protected] for more information.