The Energy Managers Association (EMA) was set up by Lord Redesdale (CEO) in February 2012 and represents Energy Managers across all industries. Our priority is to improve the position of energy management experts and their profession and act as their united voice.

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The EMA has been approved by the Environment Agency as an Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) Lead Assessor Register. The EMA runs a one-day training course: EMA Leading an Energy Assessment, as one of the steps to join the EMA ESOS Lead Assessor Register.

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EMA Code of Practice for TPIs and Energy Brokers

EMA Code of Practice for TPIs and Energy Brokers

The Energy Managers Association is to launch a Code of Practice for the sale of energy by TPIs and Energy Brokers.

The Code will be launched in early March 2016 as a voluntary scheme. It will require compliant companies to appoint a compliance officer, be audited, have a complaints procedure in place and adhere to a set level of sales staff training.

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