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Energy Solution Perspective is a new sponsored monthly column in the EMA e-Newsletter, dedicated to covering the latest news, technologies, products, services and expertise, and helping energy and carbon management professionals navigate and progress in the world of decarbonisation and Net Zero ideas and solutions.

Become a contributor and sponsor the e-Newsletter column. Whether your role is to provide energy and carbon reduction solutions and services, or you focus on business development and lead generation, we will help you to identify a topic that you would be able to develop and publish.

Column specification:

  • Wordcount: 500-550 words
  • Images: Company logo and an image relevant to the content
  • Delivery: Images together with a written text to be emailed to [email protected] by 24th day of the previous month

Sponsorship Rates:

  • 1 x contribution @ £480.00+vat
  • 4 x contributions @ £1,710.00+vat
  • 12 x contributions @ £9,000.00+vat (exclusive 12-month engagement in the EMA e-Newsletter)

If you wish to contribute to the column on multiple occasions, have questions regarding this marketing opportunity or require assistance with drafting your contribution, please contact [email protected].