ESOS Phase 3 Deadline Reminder – 5 June 2024

June 05 Written On A Calendar To Remind You An Important Appoint

ESOS Phase 3 Deadline Reminder - 5 June 2024

Hopefully, everyone is now aware of tomorrow's ESOS Phase 3 deadline.

Organisations qualifying for Phase 3 of ESOS should submit their ESOS Phase 3 compliance notification by 5 June 2024. If any organisation that qualifies for the ESOS scheme is unable to submit the notification of compliance by 5 Junethis is a reminder to still register the organisation's account within the MESOS reporting system by tomorrow to avoid any enforcement action by the Environment Agency.

Two conditions, which must be both met, to avoid the enforcement action are outlined below:

  • ESOS participating organisation registers their account in the MESOS system by 5 June 2024
  • ESOS participating organisation submits their notification of compliance by 6 August 2024
The regulatory enforcement extension period will cease after 6 August 2024.


If you have any questions relating to ESOS, you can consult the ESOS Guidance. If you need to contact the Environment Agency, you can email [email protected]. For any IT specific queries relating to the MESOS reporting system, email