EMA Affiliate or Associate Application


Becoming an Affiliate or an Associate of the EMA

EMA membership is held on an individual (ie: non-corporate) level.

EMA Membership is free of charge.

Membership of the EMA can be achieved through the following two routes:

  1. Individuals can be invited to join, although they may be asked, before being confirmed as Members, to show that they have the requisite, experience or expertise to be assessed by the EMA.
  2. Individuals can apply to join the EMA through the application process listed on the website. This will mean submitting a CV or LinkedIn profile. The application will be determined by the Membership Committee.

If you would like more information on EMA Membership, please contact edita.krupova@theema.org.uk


Professional development

  1. Opportunity for your professional development through re-skilling as energy manager with the EMA Stage 2 and Stage 3 training programme.
  2. EMA Professional Development Programme.
  3. Showing you core areas that competent and skilled energy management practitioners should fulfil and have knowledge of.

Develop your knowledge 

  1. Quarterly newsletters.
  2. Practical resources – Energy Managers’ Guides.
  3. EMA  magazine and website.
  4. EMA CPD annual conference – EMEX.

Expand your network.

  1. As part of a wider community of 5000+ professionals in the UK, Ireland and internationally, you can take part in these networking opportunities.
  2. Learn and share ideas by attending EMA workshops and conferences.
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