Empowering Women in EnEMEX 1119ergy Management and Environment Group


The Energy Managers Association (EMA)  has launched Empowering Women in Energy Management and Environment group at EMEX, The Energy Management Exhibition this November.

The Group’s aim is to encourage and enable more women to enter the world of Energy Management and other environmental roles by increasing the level of awareness and understanding of this very rewarding career amongst those facing future career choices, and indeed exploring the current barriers to this route for women. Being an energy manager may not seem like the most obvious career for many women. Often described as a highly technical and men overpopulated sector, energy management has been lacking the role models that young or career changing women could learn from and identify with.

Wendi Wheeler and Nicola Stopps have taken on a challenge of changing the perception of energy management being a men’s world and requiring engineering/technical education and skills. With Suki Gililland and Penelope Guarnay, they have given their insights and views on empowering women into energy management during EMEX. Their session was very well received by the audience, as well as other speakers. The Group’s launch was acknowledged by Lord Bourne, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, Department of Energy and Climate Change who noted how pleased he was to learn about the initiative. Lord Bourne stated: “Speaking as someone who is particularly keen to see greater gender diversity at all levels in the workforce – and who has attended far too many senior meetings at which women were noticeably under-represented – initiatives such as this are very good news indeed”.


If you are interested in the Empowering Women in Energy Management and Environment Group, you may be interested in the "Jack (or Jackie) of all trades" article.

It’s not like public service, medicine, or the forces. When children are little, they decide they want to be a fireman, a doctor, a soldier. As they grow up, their aspirations might change as they mature into young adults – perhaps they will want to study to become a lawyer, a vet, or an architect. There are so many different choices and career aspirations – far too many to list.

Wendi Wheeler, Energy and Carbon Strategy Manager at Network Rail , Jack (or Jackie) of all trades.

To get involved with the Group and keep up-to-date with its future activities, please register your interest with the EMA by emailing jana.skodlova@theema.org.uk.
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