IES and EMA launch ESOS Auditor tool

 IES (Integrated Environmental Solutions) and EMA (Energy Management Association) have officially launched its ESOS Auditor software platform at the EMEX show in London on 21 November 2014. The tool will offer a complete solution to enable qualifying companies to comply with the new energy audit legislation ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme). ESOS has been introduced to help the UK meet its requirements under the EU Energy Efficiency Directive and is expected to affect more than 9,000 of the largest companies in the UK.
The new legislation requires the largest businesses in the UK to undertake mandatory assessments looking at energy use and energy efficiency opportunities at least once every four years. The ESOS Regulations 2014 bring into force Article 8 of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive within the UK.

The qualification date for ESOS is 31st December 2014. Qualifying companies must measure energy use over a 12 month period that overlaps with this qualification date, but which ends before the compliance date of 5th December 2015.

IES and EMA’s ESOS Auditor tool enables companies to securely report, track and manage their energy audit data in one location across multiple sites. The software provides a cost effective platform for companies to comply quickly and easily with the regulations.

Key Features include:

  • Secure with ability to set different levels of user access;
  • Enforces ESOS rules and meets all its data and reporting requirements;
  • Collate, review and prioritise energy efficiency recommendations;
  • Covers all Energy Types: Buildings, Transport, Processes;
  • Completely scalable across any size and organisation structure.

“Companies that must comply with ESOS are only just beginning to understand the extent of what’s required in terms of data gathering.”, says David McEwan, Director at IES. “Large organisations with multiple companies and multiple sites must collect all data from all fuel supplies coming into each building, as well as transport use and provide evidence.”

He adds, “Doing this manually would require extensive man power and would consequently be a costly exercise. ESOS Auditor allows all data to be managed from online in one place, dramatically cutting down the amount of work and collection costs involved.”

Lord Redesdale, Chief Executive, Energy Managers Association said “ESOS Auditor is a tool for companies to work out what they can achieve in energy efficiency.  This tool will help them understand not only the size of the challenge but the solution.”

IES is offering a special offer of 50% off on one annual stand-alone licence to all registered EMA Lead Assessors. Further details can be found at

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