Becoming an Effective ESOS Lead Assessor Masterclass 

Phase 1 of Energy trainerSavings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) has ended. Between now and the end of next compliance phase in 2019, it is a great time for ESOS Lead Assessors to take stock on the lead assessments; look at what went well, and practices that can be improved in the next phase.

In order for ESOS Lead Assessors to up-skill in between the ESOS Phases, the EMA has prepared a Masterclass Becoming an Effective ESOS Lead Assessor for  Assessors from across all approved ESOS Lead Assessor Registers. The Masterclass draws from the participants’ experience in Phase 1 of ESOS Lead Assessor’s practices.

Seven key performance areas of an effective lead assessor are examined:

  1. Planning
  2. Team dynamics
  3. Client relationship
  4. End-to-end valuation
  5. Maximising savings
  6. Reporting
  7. Communication.


Masterclass Outcome:

Upon completion of the masterclass participants will have developed a framework to:

  • – Review how they carry out an energy assessment and/or energy audit
  • – Assess the effectiveness of their working styles and habits as a Lead Assessor
  • – Incorporate actions to increase effectiveness of future energy assessments and audits.


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